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Carl Recommends the following .... 

Carl Recommends

Hello, and thanks for visiting this page that I've put up to recommend various products and services that I think are brilliant. I will add more. As a quick background, I've been in technology and the corporate space for over 40 years. After an amazing career at BT I moved into the mobile phone network sector designing things like SMS text messaging, mobile handsets through to rolling out 2G and 3G networks.

Anyway, along the way I've found services and products that I think others would benefit from too. 


Its really annoying to get a bank fee when you are spending overseas with a foreign currency. Its not cheap and can mount up.

This is why I like Revolut. I can travel without hidden fees. Revolut supports 150 currencies with the interbank exchange rate.

I find I can transfer £ to Euros when travelling into Europe in an instant. I have the Revolut App on both my iPhone and Apple Watch. The App is intelligent enough to know where I am and uses the relevant currency in my account. 

Check it out here ...

Click to get Revolut

Payment Card

I have been using American Express for many decades. This began with the green Corporate card that I used in my executive jobs at BT, Mobile Systems International and Nokia etc to use for travel and expenses. Since then I've progressed from the Gold card to the Platinum card. Why? Well there are many benefits from global travel insurance, upgrades on car hire and hotel rooms, and of course the Amex points that can be converted into flights and other things.

Amex will give you loads free Amex points when applying via my special referral code ...


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